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Description of slide files:

These modules contain easy-to-use PowerPoint slides with comprehensive speaker notes. Information and reference citations pertaining to each slide are included in the accompanying notes.

» Novel Paradigms in the Acute Management of Bipolar Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder: Overview
  • Treatment of Acute Mania: Evidence of Efficacy
  • Pediatric and Adolescent Bipolar Disorder: Treatment
  • Bipolar Disorder: Psychological Treatment
  • Safety and Tolerability

» Hot Topics in the Spectrum of Bipolar Disorder
  • The Cost and Impact of Bipolar Disorder
  • The Phenomenology and Epidemiology of Bipolar Disorder
  • Strategies for the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
  • Suicide and Bipolar Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents
  • Bipolar vs Unipolar Depression
  • Comorbid Conditions and Bipolar Disorder
  • Safety of Atypical Antipsychotic Pharmacotherapy for Bipolar Disorder

» Evolving Evidence in Bipolar Disorder: Focus on Depression
  • Early and Accurate Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder
  • An Update on Clinical Trials in Bipolar Disorder

» Advances in Bipolar Disorder: Optimizing Patient Care
  • Challenges and Clinical Aspects of Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder and Quality of Life
  • New Treatment Approaches

» Evidence-Based Clinical Strategy: The Patient With Bipolar Disorder
  • Recognition and Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and Its Spectrum
  • Comorbidities
  • Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
  • Nonpharmacologic Treatment Approaches
  • Use of Antidepressants in Bipolar Disorder

» The Latest on Neurobiology, Diagnostic Updates, and Principles of Bipolar Disorder Management
  • Neurobiology
  • Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis Updates
  • Principles of Disease Management for Bipolar Disorder

Preparing a Lecture Using Resource Modules

You may choose to use these slides as the sole source of information for a lecture, or combine them with slides from another source. Your choice of slides from the MEASURE™ Resource Modules will depend on your audience and on your learning objectives.

Approved/Unapproved Use

The presence/absence of off-label or investigational use of pharmacological agents may be discussed in the following presentation. Drugs presented are aripiprazole, carbamazepine, clozapine, divalproex, fluphenazine, gabapentin, molindone, olanzapine, oxcarbazepine, quetiapine, risperidone, thioridazine, topiramate, and ziprasidone.

Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse Comorbidities - Fall 2007
Stephen M. Strakowski, MD, explains drug and alcohol use associated with bipolar disorder.(more)

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» NEW! MEASUREme™ Poster Session Series
Are You Up-to-Date on Findings from Recent Bipolar Disorder Research?

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